When is the Right Time to Change Attorneys in Scottsdale, Arizona?

If you are not content with the legal advice you are receiving in an Arizona divorce, it may be necessary to switch lawyers. At Clark & Schloss Family Law, P. C., our experienced divorce attorneys can provide guidance on the steps needed to make the transition as seamless as possible. You have the right to change your lawyer if you have lost faith or trust in their ability to represent you. Moreover, the attorney-client privilege remains in effect with your previous lawyer, unless you or your new lawyer waive it in writing.

Once you have officially notified your previous lawyer that you are changing attorneys, they will transfer the documentation to your new lawyer so that they can get up to speed with your case. This is something that your first lawyer and your second lawyer will determine together. If you feel that your lawyer is not playing an active role in your case or preparing it thoroughly, we always suggest that you talk to them first before making a decision to leave. Even if the conditional fee agreement doesn't say so clearly, under Arizona law, you have no obligation to hire any lawyer.

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